Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 58 of 100

My main "purpose" all throughout today was art. Not sure that has ever been the focus of one of my days (I'm not counting writing here, although I most certainly consider THAT as "art.")
I caught up on several days of posting my 100s, did today's, worked in another artjournal, worked on a journal cover, and painted a card to accompany a gift.
That last task really taught me something. I was giving a check towards an item a new mommy wanted to buy and I thought I'd paint a picture to illustrate the baby bike trailer she was saving for. I've said before that I am NOT a representational artist--I can laboriously draw out something, but sketching is NOT my forte. I have other gifts, just not that one. But I have had some success lately in sketching a very loose picture and that's what I thought I'd try.

Well, I wish I'd thought to take a picture of it before it got all wrapped up to give, because then you'd believe me when I say that IT DID NOT WORK AS A PAINTING. I'm not being coy here, or dismissive of beginning efforts. This piece just did not work. None of the lines or shapes came out quick or true . . .they just did not.

And here is the wonderful lesson I discovered: it didn't matter. I had fun trying, and I am very comfortable giving it as the background for the gift (the check is rolled up and tied in as part of the picture.) Yes, sure, I would have liked for this to be one of those times when WOOHOO!--magic strikes and I produce something beyond what I thought I could. But I didn't. And it was still perfectly fine. Now THAT'S a woohoo moment for me!

This project (thank you SO much, Rowena, for the idea) has really brought me into a level of comfort and JOY with painting that I hadn't imagined possible.
No surprise that I felt very free to try a "scene" for today's effort. I liked what came out.

We are now more than half-way through our 100 days. My first journal bulges with my work. I'm still stunned to flip through this little book and see so much joyful experimentation.
Who knows what will be produced in the last half of our time????

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