Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 33 of 100

I'll mention anew what a sweet surprise it has been to find, after one month, that some sort of painting has become an integral part of each day.

When I forget it until toward day's end, I am usually reminded of that omission by a sort of emptiness, a sense that the rhythym of the day is imcomplete. Then I realize I haven't painted yet and ah . . . that's what's missing.

I quite like that feeling.

I had a surprise beginning to this day, being awakened shortly after dawn by a friend's need. Caught unawares, I responded on instinct. With compassion. With kindness. With comfort.
With what I hope was my truest self.

That set the mood for the day.

So, when rain and gray and lowhanging mists patterned the day, I wanted to paint rain.
But not just any rain. It wanted to be rainbow rain.

I like these, mostly. Again, I prefer the close-ups. For the piece to work for me as a whole, I think it needs some area of interest, of focus. I may wait a few days and re-visit it and see what occurs to me to do.

As I was working on this piece, it just wasn't enough. My hands, almost of their own volition, picked up a neighboring pad of paper, my 9X9 journal, and splooshed out a scene. Lauren, a new blog friend, had recently encouraged me not to be afraid of trying representational art . . . and today, I wasn't. Maybe I was tired and in a different place emotionally after my unusual morning. Maybe sometimes fears and hesitations can just fall away, when the time is right and the heart is willing.

I just know that I was glad to paint today. Really glad.


Leone said...

I have recently received the One Lovely Blog Award and am now passing it on to you. I love your colourful paintings and you twirling in your orange dress. Visit my blog to see the guidelines. Happy painting!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Rainbow rain--what a beautiful concept and painting. I know just what you mean about feeling something missing when I haven't done my 100 for the day... definitely won't be quitting when the time is up!

sharon said...

I really like the mountain makes me smile! See how brave I am by identifying it??

aquamaureen said...

woohoo, Sharon .. . it IS a mountain painting!!!!!

aquamaureen said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments. And Leone, special thanks for your award to me!