Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 32 of 100

Today was a peaceful day painting. I visited the piece over half-a-dozen times, from early morning until sundown. Mostly experimented with paint and color application today.

Laid down a variegated wash first. Then some color splurts. Wanted to see if a piece all in varying shades of one color would hold my attention. It didn't.

I'm also playing with dregs of color--what's left in my palette that was squeezed from the tube several years ago. Might get much brighter color from fresh paint.

Also experimented with how long to let paintdrop dry before blowing with straw. Forgot the drops one time and they caused those bursts of paper.

Finally, I dropped in a little pink for contrast, but it was the very last of the pink in my tray and too watery to make the vibrant image in my head.

Honestly, it feels sooooo good to just play.

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