Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 44 of 100

Just played again today.
Turned to painting to counteract some early morning tears.
It helped.

Rowena, the inspiration behind this 100 in 100 project, had suggested something to me. I was liking my closeup photos better than the whole picture quite often. So, she suggested I try to paint "closeup" to begin with. Not consider the edges of the paper as my frame. Let the images run beyond the size of the page.

I liked trying that. All at once the painting felt bigger. My strokes felt freer.

But I realize that one of the things I like about my closeup photos is that I shift the orientation of the picture, turning left and right into diagonals. I'm sure I could paint that way to begin with . . . either I have to think about it more, or maybe less.

Anyhoo, I had fun.


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

I know what you mean about shifting the orientation of the painting later--that often makes a big difference for me too. We've also found that in our writing, haven't we--sometimes taking the ending and making it the beginning is exactly what's needed. At any rate, this color combo is so luscious.

sharon said...

Yes...beautiful colors...looks Navajo.