Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 38 of 100

Today has been full, which is okay. But some stuff left me a little jittery, uncertain. A bit off my rhythm. I only had a tiny window of opportunity to do today's painting, and I also had committed myself to submit something to ThursdaySweetTreat. No time to do two.

So again, I will show here only closeups. You can see the whole picture (and loads of other people's beautiful stuff) sometime on Thursday at

The prompt asked us to use red, white and blue
and to deal with some sort of fear--find freedom.

My heart wanted to proclaim my own freedom from the fear of being me. From the fear of having my human past shape my present and determine my future.

You can see the fuller explanation of the picture over at ThursdaySweetTreat.

Suffice it to say here that I finally feel free, free to be the me God made.


Arlene said...

Hi, Maureen. I love your piece here and I saw it on Thursday Sweet Treat too. I had intended on participating there this week and even created a red, white, and blue painting, but hated it. LOL. We are so critical of our own work sometimes, aren't we?

I also wanted to let you know that I named you as a recipient of a blog award. :) If you go to my blog post here you can see it: . I nominated you because I admire your willingness to be open and honest about your creative activities and I really admire that. Hugs to you, fellow 100 in 100 participant!

aquamaureen said...

Oh Arlene, what a sweet and supportive comment. And the award--you can't know how much it means to me to have you say it is because of my openness and honesty in my creative activities. That is exactly what I strive for--many many thanks.

sharon said...

Good comment, Maureen. How nice to be nominated for a blog award!!

Lauren said...

"finally free to be me" -- and how blessed are we to be here to know you.