Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 49 of 100 and Bonus

I knew today I wanted to use my rigger and try some more squiggly lines . . . but what?

Ah, trees.

So I painted a background. . . .only I got a little carried away and the background got a little too representational for the kinds of trees I had in mind.
And then, the background got a little wackadoodle, with mountains coming before grasses . . .so this became my First Official Do-over. But since I'm valuing every step of progress, the wackadoodle gets its 15 seconds of fame here.

Next attempt pleased me much more. Suggestive background with blends of green.
Then the trees.

Oh, I quite liked this section. Made me gasp. It was exactly what I'd tried to imagine but couldn't quite, until I saw it on the page. Feels really good to have a YES reaction.

Bonus: I painted an anniversary card for my son and his wife for their 5th anniversary.

Inside reads: two hearts, one love.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Maureen. I love the second painting very much and I know your son and DIL will be moved by your love to them.

Thank you for listening to my show and leaving that uplifting comment!!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

I actually love your first painting! I saw the "oops" part as soil...not a mistake at all, if you just see it from a different perspective. I really enjoy the back line of mountains. Take another look--you might be surprised!