Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 48 of 100

Worked all day in my yard. Manual labor. Felt really good.

Around noon, I passed by my written journal and got the sense
that it was okay to write in it again, which I did.

I think the past couple days has pushed me into realizing that I'm not painting just for fun. That I have "something to say" when I paint. Or maybe the painting has something to say to me.

Halfway through the day I painted a purple circle. No clue what else was gonna come.

Then later, I realized it was a full moon. So I painted sky around it.Yeah, I know. Moons aren't purple. Well, in MY world, they can be purple :)


Sharon said...

You have definitely got the technique of making a flat circle look like a round sphere--I could be jealous!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Goodnight, purple moon... I love this ;)

aquamaureen said...

Sharon, it's all about lights and darks. Look at the shading on the left curve. That's what does it. Try painting a tree trunk or limb--do a combination of light down the middle and dark on the edges--see if that doesn't make it PoP off the page.

Amanda, "goodnight, Purple Moon" . . . Oh, I LIKE THAT!!

Lauren said...