Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 40 of 100

For those detail-oriented people among us, yes, Day 40 SHOULD say "Friday." I painted yesterday, but couldn't post until today.
Eyes were just too blurry and body and soul too bed-hungry to post last night.

So, with the hope that somewhere on this planet, it is still yesterday, I offer "today's" painting.

This experience of painting daily, no matter my feelings or emotions or whatever,
is certainly teaching me what feel like Life Lessons.

I had a pretty relaxed idea about this painting: I wanted to do more applications of multi-color to my flat brush, and have more make-me-gasp swooshes of paint across the page. Well, what I GOT was make-me-whine muddy trails. Tried again. Oh, blech.

Crossroads: give up? have this be the first time in 40 days that I ditch a painting?


What I gave up were my expectations for this piece.
I just let go.
Let the piece be what it wanted to be.

Used both my flat brush and my round.
Dipped into my other favorite colors.
Dabbed and daubed and dawdled on the page.

It wasn't "not caring"--rather, an open, loving acceptance. A removal of pressure for this piece to be something "good." An allowance for it to exist, free of judgement as either "good" or "bad."

As it turned out, I quite like its spirit.
And again, the closeups, taken in today's lovely morning light, make me smile.


Anonymous said...

Maureen, I love this piece. Actually, I love every one you've posted. What draws me to them first are the colors. Secondly, I love watching the path this is taking you on. Watching others growth is Very inspirational.


aquamaureen said...

Thank you, Tabitha. I have found these past few years that my response to color is quite pronounced--sometimes it makes me gasp, in a good way!! And I'm glad it lifts you up to watch me grow. I feel the same way about you :)

sharon said...

I like the top view--the full view the best this time. I think it is are you!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

The final close-up is really eye-catching for me. The little purple dab looks like a dancer to me. :)