Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 31 of 100

For so long I have considered my primary field of "art" to be writing. Words--thought, spoken, written--have seemed my native language. But the last few months have astonished me as I have almost RUN to my paints at times to use wordless splashes and swirls of color to try to address emotions and thoughts that exceed the bounds of words.

This 100 in 100 project has pushed me to daily play with my beloved watercolors. Add to that the weekly art prompts from ThursdaySweetTreat, and my creative cup overfloweth.

As in the past, I can only show you a close-up of today's painting, since it is submitted to TST and will be revealed there on Thursday. Why don't you visit and see the complete piece, plus a whole lot more.

As always, I love when you share your responses to my work.

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