Thursday, August 27, 2009

Days 86 and 87 of 100

I am blissfully astounded at all I'm reaping from this 100 in 100 challenge . . . and these are only the benefits I am as yet aware of . . . who knows what more lies just beneath the surface?

I have already shared the joy of needing painting in my daily life. I've shared painting my way past the horrid little inner critic muttering, "But is it GOOD enough???"

Day 86--Two days ago I discovered how healing certain color combinations are for me. Can't quite remember what was hard about that day, but I DO remember that I reached for beautiful, soft colors. They antidoted my upset.

I love the way they splooged on the page ("splooge" being a highly technical,
artsy-fartsy term used by REAL artists :))

Then yesterday--Day 87--a sort of disconnected day. I attended a lovely Volunteer Appreciation dinner and show, outdoors on a perfect summer evening. But I was alone, in the midst of many different family connections, and I came home, not sure yet where I fit into this world. It was time to do my 100 for the day, and I just let myself, once again, move instinctively.

The first part was the aquamaureen-colored moons . . . me thinking "big night sky" thoughts. Then, late in the evening, as summer dark settled in, flowers wanted to sprout. The stems--just light airy flicks of the brushtip. Petals, just splooshes with the brush tip (not to be confused with splooges :)). I loved just the blue and green, but something was missing . . . so the teeny dots of hot pink for the flower centers.

So, this odd pairing of images is telling me that I can find my place in the great big world by blooming, right here, right now. And, at the heart of AquaMaureen is luscious hot pink.

Pretty good for a day's work, don't you think????

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