Thursday, August 6, 2009

Days 65,66, and 67 of 100

I've still painted each day. Honestly, I'm pretty proud of that. But daily posting has been beyond me. This week is the world-famous Sturgis Bike Rally that brings several hundred thousand visitors to our cluster of very small towns.
I, like many others, volunteer quite a bit during this time.

Add in some frighteningly beautiful thunder and lightning storms (which require unplugging one's computer, rendering one unable to post daily paintings!).

Stir in the daily ongoing challenges of living life with as much dignity and love and joy and compassion as one can manage.

The result: slipping behind on posting and reading other blogs, email, laundry, cleaning, etc etc.

Day 65--I painted a very NOT ROYGBIV rainbow. Just 'cause that's the way I wanted to do it. Then, that night, I volunteered at a concert whose middle section was rained out. The end of the show was graced with a spectacular double rainbow . . .

Day 66--lots of things felt very out of balance to me. But I hung on to my signature aquamaureen colors, painting the swirls I was feeling caught in, and kept the center calm and still and very dense and strong.

Day 67--more play with the wax resist stick. Sunshine colors. Just played.

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