Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Days 71,72, and 73 of 100

The past couple weeks I've not managed to post my art every day. Life is very full, and on some days, I just chose to do something other than post.

But I HAVE chosen to paint every day. That is what has made the most impact on me in this challenge. The first significant step was giving myself the freedom to play. But as the days rolled on, I found that I NEEDED to paint each day, in order for the day to feel complete. That is the feeling that has endured. And it's rippled out: as of August 1st, my print journal turned into an art journal; Little signs and reminders around the house are painted; when I'm not quite sure what to do next, I often drift to my art table and something gets color splopped onto it.

I love this. And I also wonder: with not quite 30 days left in the challenge, what other changes might evolve in my life, related to my playing with watercolors every day?

Day 71--I tried a more watery approach to my favorite blow-through-a-straw technique.

Day 72--Tuesday's offering is a teaser. To see the whole piece, click on over to and see how a gifted bunch of artists responded to "purple passion" as their creative prompt.

Day 73--I really like today's work. Not a single conscious intent guided me when I started--I just splooshed around with my favorite "aquamaureen" shades . . . .and then, lo and behold, to MY eye, the finished piece is Maureen's version of a Mercator-style map, showing my dream world . . . where most everything is ocean or beachfront land . . . where days are sun-kissed and nights moon-sparkled . . . and where cabana boys LOVE to bring me juicy fresh fruit . . . hey, a girl can dream, can't she???


Sarah said...

Nice colors! I think it's amazing that you've been able to paint every day! I could never follow through on something like that so I'm very impressed.

Lauren said...

I love them...all three...but especially the third. It oozes YOU... all the cool, soothing colors of aquamaureen. Beautiful.

I am already dreading the thought of this challenge of yours being finished. I've come to love seeing what you've created each day. Always something beautiful and soulful.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Oh, that bottom one is really nice! I love the underwater feel of it, like sunshine moving through dappled water.