Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 61 of 100

Here is today's offering, hot off the presses. Or I guess, more accurately, wet off the presses.

My favorite is this closeup, still juicy wet. Kinda overflowing like this day has been.

I've held back from much creative writing for weeks. Intense journaling got me through some rough personal growth. Much time has been spent sorting and moving my belongings, as I transform my house from a former home for my family, into a place just for me and my art.

These past 60 days I've reveled in daily painting.
It has been a touchstone on often wavery and unsure days.

Today the writing just couldn't be contained. A call for submissions, for which I could, at best, have only one piece accepted, has caused me to edit and submit two previously written pieces. Another 2000 words of a fresh story is ready to be revised, and as I painted today's offering from 11pm until midnight, I jotted down a rough draft of a fourth piece.

Yep. Juicy and overflowing. And I love it.

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