Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 74,75,76,77, & 78 of 100

Yep, I've been painting every day. Nope, I obviously slacked off on posting. :)

I realize that many many people host yard sales, like my daughter and son and I just did this past weekend. But I think not everyone goes through their belongings to the degree that I am, in preparation for said sale. 16 years in one house. 35 years of memories from a failed marriage. Scads of supplies for 19 years of homeschooling, no longer needed since all three "children" have now graduated from college.

The physical effort has been, and is, immense. The emotional workout even more intense.

But wow. What a difference.

We are having another sale in three weeks, since we did not finish going through our houses. So likely, the next three weeks of paintings and postings might reflect that activity.

Interesting to, once again, be so tired some days and yet still NEED to do the daily painting. NOT out of obligation, but because this sort of expression has now become part of the fabric of daily life for me.

Day 74--usually all my "one way" designs run left to right. I made myself do something different here. Don't particularly care for the finished product, but the purpose was more to pry myself away from always painting from a certain direction.

Day 75--much softer picture than I usually do. Played with painting very lightly and then light washes . . . I'm pretty sure I prefer the more dramatic ones from other days.

Day 76--Really really like the colors in this, and the bursts at the bottom

Day 77--LOVE the wax resist part and the color bleeds.
I could just wallow in the orange/yellow/red.

Day 78--Was more intentional with the designs with the wax crayon. REally love the colors. The picture doesn't quite capture the turquoisy shades in the original.
This turned out to be one of my favorites so far.


sharon said...

yup yup favorite colors exactly! I always feel so happy when I see them. You are on day 3 weeks when you have your yard will be day 100 or almost.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

The bottom one is one of my favorites SO FAR in your 80 paintings. Love it.

Your softer one--what if it's waiting for some "harder" brush work with your rigger? Looks like a fantastic background to me...could really pop to life with a little more detail. Just a thought.

Keep on truckin!