Saturday, August 29, 2009

Days 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28 of 100

[I just realized that I posted these two "catch-up" days in reverse order. You might want to scroll to the NEXT post and see Days 15-20, and THEN these. ]

Here's the final catch-up of the time I was in California in June. After a week of totally free time, spent in incredibly beautiful locations at Big Sur, I moved to Asilomar, located right on the beach in the middle of the stretch of ocean labeled Big Sur.

My days would be full from dawn until nearly midnight, with Bible study and fellowship with likeminded searchers for Truth. I don't have words to describe the uplift and inspiration that permeated the days and nights.

In my 2nd story room, which overlooked the ocean, I left my paints and pads set up, spread over desk and spare bed. Whenever I was in my room, with a few minutes here and there, I'd pick up a brush and just swoop and sploosh as the Spirit moved me.

Day 21--often I'd go back to that sampler I made from the "kids" colors, and find a color combo that excited me and then play with that.

Day 22--colors crisscrossing themselves.

ay 23--squiggles of oceanblue

Day 24--swirls of inspiration, feelings I couldn't find words big enough for.

Day 25--a mix of straight and curved, and more colors that called out to be next to each other.

Day 26--a rainbow in unexpected colors.

Day 27--this is the day I would travel home. Can't remember right now whether I painted this in CA before I left . . . pretty sure I did. So much swirling inside me, filling my heart and soul and mind with inspiration and hope. But it wasn't too much. It was huge, but not too much.

Day 28--the day I was supposed to be home, but was in Denver instead. Agreed to give up my plane seat so someone else could fly. Earned a night in Denver and a free ticket. The painting was done while my pant legs were still rolled up, damp from my last walk in the ocean. I painted all I felt of my love for the sea; my tears over the broken lines in my life; my joy at seeing many of those lines as crosses--challenges I was called on to face. In doing so with prayer and surrender, I'd been brought so close to my Father, God.
The next day I was home, and that's where my daily blogs picked up, with Day 29.

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Sharon said...

I love 2, 3, and 8 the best! Isn't it wonderful to realize a dream? You did it--painted on the beach! If you moved here, you could paint poolside every day! It is a lovely shade of aquamaureen today.