Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 8 of 100

Well, the good news is that I don't much like today's painting. Why, you might ask, would that be GOOD news? Let me tell you why . . .

I have been so worried for so long about painting a "bad" picture, "wasting" supplies, etc. etc. And believe me, that kind of thinking does NOT foster free-flowing creativity!

Rowena (she who started this whole project) made a comment on someone's blog about how in painting this many pieces, they become less "precious." No, that doesn't mean they aren't each important, but with bunches of pieces of work to consider, and with starting something new each day, you just don't have time to linger long on each piece. That results, for me, in a brandnew and wonderful freedom.

Today's picture also represents the first time in this series that I came with a particular intention. I wanted to try to paint how I felt about today--not knowing what to do, literally, with the day, but trusting in being led. There's a Bible verse about God being a "lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." The "lamp" referred to was a household lamp, a little dish that you carried and that held only a little oil. Consequently it only gave off a little circle of light. You can imagine having only the area around you lit up. Then you take a step forward, and the light you are carrying moves with you. Takes a lot of faith to keep stepping forward, trusting that the Light will move with you. A modern version of this talks about driving as far as your headlights illuminate.

Anyway, that's what I wanted to paint . . . . the yellows of light raying out . . . my royal purple footsteps . . .and the bands of light as I moved forward.

Honestly, I don't think anyone would be able to see that in the painting if I didn't tell them. And I really don't much care for the overall feel and balance of the piece. What feels really good is how okay all that is.

I'm really glad I tried.

And tomorrow, I'll try again.


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

It's definitely a big step to create something you don't like...and be able to go on creating right after that. :) I actually like much of this painting--you have some nice bleeds and different effects. I like the orange line work. Isn't it freeing to have the world keep spinning after "messing up" a painting? :) :)

A.Marie said...

Hello! I really like this painting, because I love the orange colors and the purple. When I first viewed it, it reminded me of something happy...I don't know why, but it did! :)

Anonymous said...

Orange and yellow are two of my fav colors. They scream LIFE to me. Your journal entry is lovely Maureen.

aquamaureen said...

Amanda--that's exactly it--to be able to go right on creating. You "got" just what I was feeling.

A.Marie--hello! Great to have you visit and leave a comment :) Thanks for helping me see the painting through "new" eyes.

Tabitha--I just visited YOUR blog and heard about your aunt. I can see why you appreciated seeing colors that "scream LIFE"--if for that reason only, I'm glad I painted this particular piece.

sharon said...

My first thought was that it was part of a basket with the purple straps weaving under the wide yellow straps. Great talking with you last night.