Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 11 of 100

It is so easy lately to complain about the weather. With usually long winters, and now an UNusually harsh one, we all naturally long for warmer days.

Consequently, when we experience yet another cold and wet April, May and now June, it is very easy to fall into an attitude of complaint.

And then I realize that we have NOT experienced anything destructive. Yes, farmers and ranchers are impacted, but we are all alive. No earthquake. No tornado.

And I realized that, as an artist, I can PAINT what I do not have, and want. . . so that's the yearning behind today's effort. As bright and warm a sun as I can manage.

And to those everywhere struggling with REAL problems, I apologize for whining about weather.


sema said...

Hi Aquamaureen,your post today inspired me to paint the sun for my 100 in 100 challenge post.
Your works are interesting,
Thank you,sema

Arlene said...

Maureen - I just absolutely LOVE this painting of yours. I guess I am really attracted to bright, clear colors. You were successful, I think, capturing the sunny colors.

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Hi Maureen,
Love the colors!

It's been raining here, too - but guess what just snucked in after all those days - SUNSHINE! I hope it stays here for a while..

Have a great weekend !
Keep smiling ...

sharon said...

Super painting, most favorite colors! I think we all tend to whine until we realize how bad others have it or how much worse it could be. So you are doing well to paint what you do not have! Congrats!

aquamaureen said...

Sema, Arlene, Jen, and Sharon, your sweet comments brightened my day!! You all can probably tell that I have a passionate connection with color. Something in me just comes alives when I SEE color. So it has been really interesting to let the colors come out of me, in my painting.

And yes, we have some sunshine today!! Sema, I can't wait to see YOUR sun!

Leone said...

Your picture is beautiful so warm and "sunny". We are having a run of beautiful, sunny weather in Vancouver - instead of the usual grey skies and rain - so I send you sunny thoughts from Vanc.