Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 5 of 100

Hard day today.

When I headed downstairs this morning to begin the day, tears blurred the way. Yet something way deep inside me was glad to hear me growl, "I gotta paint." I fumbled my way to the dining room table--it seems very appropriate that an area designed to feed people is now my current and primary place to paint.

Anyway, I picked up my favorite round brush and slopped the paint really wet and just splattered it on the page. Teardrops. Throughout the day I've splattered more, different colors. If this day was gonna have tears, then let them make a rainbow. Different times I also used one of my favorite techniques: blowing on the wet spots through a straw, which after a few sharp puffs actually ends up spitting on them. I like the bursts of color, especially the surprise when I'm sure a spot is dry but then: ptooie! and the drop bursts and runs.

Yes, this day has been hard. Letting go. Of stuff. Of people. Of dreams.

Going out now for a walk--a committment I thank Lauren for. With every step I'm gonna stream out all the stuff I'm grateful for. And there is plenty of it.

This sadness will not defeat me.

[also it will not de-feet me . . . as in keep me from walking . . get it??? hahahahahahaha. Well, if she can tell really bad jokes, she must be okay.)


Anonymous said...

Maureen, please know that I was in no way offended by your comment. I actually take it as a compliment that my handicap was not noticed. I definitely am able to cut words from a magazine and I love that idea. :)

Warm Hugs

aquamaureen said...

Thank you for letting me know. That sets my heart at ease.

Sarah said...

It's beautiful. I love your attitude. You inspire me.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

LOVE the close-up of your painting...very cool movement and interplay of colors. I also love the idea of that painting representing tears--never would have seen it that way. What a neat way to make the sadness turn into something beautiful.

sharon said...

As soon as I began your post, I saw the painting and thought of tears...before you mentioned that! I am sorry you are having sad days. I am home most days now, so PLEASE call me and we can chat...about big stuff or just simple stuff.

TechKat said...

This art reminds me of fireworks rather than tears. It's all about perspective! =)

I like your art very much. Your ability to play with color and have it turn out amazing every time is truly a gift& talent.

aquamaureen said...

TechKat: lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words about my art.

I had to laugh--often times, my tears ARE like fireworks!!! they splatter the inside of my glasses! and sometimes they come out hot and burning!! :)

What you said about my work coming out "amazing every time"--I think that is due to the fact that in this 100 in 100 days challenge, I am MAKING myself just play. It would be soooo easy to growl and say one is "not good"--part of my hope for this 100 days is to get beyond such a negative personal response to my own creative process, and just let it flow out.