Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 13 of 100

Boy, I sure discovered that I have not yet routed out a strong perfectionist streak! My internet was down last night and this morning, and I was quite unhappy that I couldn't post my work yesterday. I'd done the work, just couldn't put it on line. And I guess, if I'm being really honest here, (which I strive, sometimes painfully, to be), it wasn't merely perfectionism unsettling me. It was "what will people think of me?" I still struggle mightily with an unhealthy desire to PLEASE people so that they will love me/not leave me. But hey, a problem seen and acknowledged as unwanted, is largely on its way out, don't you think?
So, on to today's reveal of yesterday's work:

I played a lot with different ways to drop the paint onto the page. I knew I wanted variety in size. Different dilutions of the paint yielded paler or stronger colors. Toward the end of applying the paint, I wanted some directionality, so blew with a straw, but at an angle and in only one direction. Then, more splatter on top . . .

Somehow, it still didn't feel quite "finished." Amanda (PersistentGreen) and I have often found that we paint a picture one way, but then, it wants to be displayed differently, like upside-down, or turned a quarter turn. So I experimented with that.

Was there one of the presentations you like better than another? I'd be interested in your thoughts.

Another thing I've done from the beginning of this project, without preplanning but almost by instinct, is to take photos of only portions of the finished piece. At first I thought I was just getting a "different" shot to have something to show here. But lately I find myself actually searching, through the camera viewfinder, for a portion of the piece that I like all on its own.
So, here are three closeups that appealed to me.

That's all for this post. I want to thank everyone who takes the time to leave comments, both on my written ideas and on the paintings themselves. Your thoughts and responses mean more than I can say.


Anonymous said...

Maureen, I love every angle. For the close up pics I loved the second one most. I'm big on color, so they all appeal to my eye. :)

sharon said...

Maureen, I liked it when the splatter came down to the right or up to the right..did not care for it moving left. I loved the first closeup--what a clever idea and a great way to improve photography skills.

As for what people might you know, that "wanting to please so they won't leave" is all too familiar to me. But I was wondering why that played in to your posting? This is YOUR project--your idea--not an assignment from someone else. If you do not post, I think people will think you are busy...or whatever. Why would they judge you though? I would be disappointed to not see a post from you..but NOT disappointed in you..just because I like to see your work and I would miss seeing your efforts. I think most people realize you are human and not a robot...the 100 in 100 is a goal, not a law. I think worrying about posting might take away some of the fun in creating by causing pressure.

I hope you are able to have fun capturing some of the California beauty you will be seeing the next several days! I love you!

aquamaureen said...

Tabitha, I'm discovering that I am big on color, too . . .very big. It's exciting to play with different colors and how they look together.

Sharon, thanks for the lengthy response. You asked why the people-pleasing played into this project. That was the big surprise to me, to realize that it did. I think that it underlays just about everything in my life, but I'm doing deepcleaning in my thoughts and emotions, and hopefully, that will get all weeded out.

And you were very logical in explaining how people would likely NOT be judging me .. what that points out is that my fears are not at all logical . . I guess that is why they are fears. But they are getting eliminated, one by one, especially when they come to the surface like with this. That brings them out of hiding.

I am REALLY looking forward to whatever I end up painting while I'm in CA . . .