Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 99 of 100

Had a lovely family picnic scheduled for today, but part of it was going to be hard. Hard emotionally. In my early morning prayers, I turned to a book my dear daughter and son-in-law had given me by Dawna Markova: "Wide Open--On Living with Passion and Purpose."

Found this line: How could you love this day as if you had never been hurt?

I went right over to my watercolors and painted this:

It's me, AquaMaureen, giving and radiating and being wholly me.
Me, not pulling back or allowing myself to harden into something less than myself, due to being wounded in the past by someone else's actions.
Me, staying open and loving and vulnerable.

I'll risk getting hurt again, if that's the price of being fully open to love, fully alive.


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful (words and painting)! I just love those colors. It's hard to believe you are on day 99!

Sharon said...

Tremendous outlook! Congrats for sticking with the program!

lisianblue said...

That is a tough one isn't it? I love your paintings - they seem to be more free - more movement, more exploration, more open..............
I sometimes argue that most of my paintings are really only about what you see there on the canvas - the flower, the colors, the shapes just appreciating the flower - to some degree there is emotional stuff there too -
but I suspect these are a part of an emotional journey - and I just had an idea of how to go do some exploration myself - and a large piece of paper.

aquamaureen said...

Thank you all for your comments. It means so much to hear responses.