Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 7 and 8 of WRITE: 100

Yay me. Sick for a couple days. Actually, not really well for over a week, but down-and-out these past couple days. But hey, I stayed pretty peaceful throughout. Tucked myself into God's arms with lots of quiet prayer.

Still managed to fulfill my writing challenge each day. Maybe that rubbed-raw feeling actually helped the writing, although I'm definitely glad to be feeling much better today and would most happily yield up any "inspiration" that feeling so bad might have produced.

I'm holding on to these last few days of warmth. Very windy out--mighty bursts of warm wind. And they say that we will likely see our first snow tomorrow evening, at least in the higher elevations.

Many many many chores and obligations have slid the past few days. And yet, I have spent the morning in creative work: writing, praying, painting. And somehow, that feels very responsible. Perhaps the peace and fulfillment I feel at this moment will do much more for helping me accomplish all the GottaDos, than the load of worry I usually carry. I'll keep you posted on how that comes out.

The photos I've posted today are part of my submission for Head over there Thursday if you want to see more.

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A.Marie said...

Glad you are starting to feel a little better; I love how you put that, "Tucked myself into God's arms with lots of quiet prayer." That is such an awesome visual! I'll remember that the next time I am sick.

I am slowly, slowly trying to recapture the creative spirit that I used to have. I found some stamps that I used to use, and am rounding up my stamping supplies. I hope to stamp a card for hubbies birthday on the 24th. We'll see how far I get! :)