Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 6 of WRITE:100

Mothers, listen to your daughters. Or at least, listen when you have been blessed with a daughter like mine, who is also a fellow artist and writing companion. (Catch a glimpse of her amazing work at

Last night, when I'd shared with her some of what I'd written in the first few days of this Last 100 Days of 2009 challenge, she urged me further. Yes, she praised my determination to fulfill the day's quota, especially when it was wrung out in the last moments before the stroke of midnight on an overloaded day. But why not try writing in the freshness of morning?

Hmmm. What would come out, I wondered, if I let my creative self out to play in the dewy first hours of a brand-new day? Perhaps Little Daughter hath much wisdom . . .

So I tried. Rolled out of bed, after morning prayers, grabbed my bedside fuzzy robe, and parked my Self at the computer. Turned randomly to page 149 in my prompt book and read the 5th line: "phone. I was gone for a week of teaching at the end of summer"

Ah. "end of summer." That's all it took. An hour and fifteen minutes later, I have 1162 words of fiction printed out and ready to tuck into my binder.

And the bonus: I will go through whatever else this lovely day includes, breathing the scent of creative work filling my house, my heart, my world.



Anonymous said...

Awesome Maureen! Encouragement can be such a blessing! I decided since I am ALWAYS writing words I'm going to do my challenge through art. I'm going to doodle, color, paint and whatever comes to mind. I'm very excited about it!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Yay! Thanks for the shout-out. :) I'm so glad we're working on projects like these and can help encourage each other. Can't wait to read your fiction!

Tabitha--oooh, how exciting! Wishing you all the best in your art challenge.

Lauren said...

I love to write in the morning hours...that's where 99% of my poetry comes from. Unfortunately since the kids are back to school, I've been a little out of my rhythm...and lacking some creativity. I may try a prompt of some sort tomorrow. What a joy it must have been to have a day filled with such a fabulous creative accomplishment!

Way to Go!!