Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 95 of 100

Here's today's piece.

Had a wonderful time last evening, finishing up five pieces that I did for ThursdaySweetTreat.
I absolutely loved working on that many at one time.

When I paint, I'm in a place beyond words, where things inside me feel in balance.
I love it.

(I photo'd these while they were still wet--the piece is dry now, but its fresh wetness is captured here in the photo--I like that!)

I can't quite believe that I have painted for nearly 100 days in a row . . . and yet, I DO feel a difference inside me. As if I've learned a new language.


Anonymous said...

It's very lovely Maureen. I pray this exercise brings you renewed joy and deep peace.

Sharon said...

These are my colors, too. I have not painted since school began. In a way I miss it but not enough to use the little time I have to do it. I think I would feel more stressed to paint. Maybe I will this 3 day weekend if I get all my school stuff done. Jim worked on my school jobs for 5 of the 7 hours I was at Scrabble.

aquamaureen said...

Tabitha--I'm pretty amazed at how much peace I HAVE gotten from this exercise . . . painting touches something in me that nothing else can.

Sharon--I thought of you when I chose these colors :). I know what you mean about choosing what you spend your precious few moments at home doing. But it just might surprise you. Do you leave your paints out? Maybe just dipping the brush in a color and swooshing across a page--taking not more than a few seconds--might be something you would end up feeling good about . . .a very non-verbal, instinctive thing.

Sharon said... they are not out--have had them put away since grandchild's visit!

Sharon said...

2nd look at this day's looks like a page full of purple escargots!!!!!!!!!!!!