Friday, April 24, 2009

South Dakota Spring

All throughout the Black Hills this morning was heard a mournful wail: "Noooooooooooooooooo!" That was me, raising the rollshades in my bedroom, only to see my newly-greened lawn covered in fresh snow. Just yesterday I had read out in the backyard, lounging on a lawn chair, in shorts and sleeveless top. I'd actually pulled the chair into the shade 'cause the sun was too hot!

I threw on a bathrobe and raced outside to check on my daffodils. Made several trips to cut a couple dozen of them for a huge bouquet, trying to save as many as I could, yet not wanting to strip the bed entirely in case they could survive . . .

Later, when the snow slowed, I went out and tapped the snow off each of the remaining blooms--another couple dozen.

I know they are just flowers. I know the weather will eventually warm. I know many people are suffering right now from far worse than a spring snow and the possible loss of a few flowers.

But for me, today, my efforts to save these beauties help me feel hopeful about the nearing end of a long winter, not just in my town, but in my heart and soul.


sharon said...

Wow! Winter seems relentless, but it ALWAYS surrenders to spring. I love you, sweet sister and rescuer of chilled daffodils.

aquamaureen said...

And I love YOU, sweet sister. I took a bouquet of flowers to one friend today who was drooping--told her the flowers had a message for her--that they had been hit with two storms and shouldn't have survived . .. but they DID and so would she. She called me back in a couple hours, much better . . said, "I think it was the flowers that did it." So the rescued flowers became the rescuers . . and once again, a winter of the soul surrendered to spring!!!

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

Wow. I can't believe it's still snowing there. We've had a few days of really warm weather. (Its so nice outside but my 8yo and I are just dying from the pollen).
But the outside is just soo colorful.
Hope you get your spring weather soon.
Keep smiling=D

A.Marie said...

Hello! Stop by my blog sometime; I have something for you! :)

sharon said...

I am missing your blogging, Maureen. Is everything relatively ok?