Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I WILL bloom . . .

Headlines in our local paper declare that we've broken a decades-old record for snowfall--120 inches so far. Some knee-deep drifts are still melting, all the while temp signs in town today read 70 degrees.

Several weeks ago I spied 2-inch-high sprouts in my flower bed. "Go back," I warned. "Go back!" Heavy snow was forecast. But those little guys didn't listen to me and my fear. They were too intent on growing. Now, the last few days of sun has finally melted away most of the several feet of snow that had buried my little buddies and they looked none the worse for the snowy assault they'd survived. Yesterday I oh-so-delicately shoveled away the last piles of snow at the end of the bed, uncovering a tangle of smooshed leaves and stalks. Oh dear. I figured that losing only these few plants was a pretty good turnout for the severe winter.

But then I happened to glance at the flower bed a few hours later. Right where broken leaves and bent stalks had lain, I saw upright plants--I could almost hear "Ta-Da . . . we MADE it!!"

When we are designed to grow, and not merely grow but bud and blossom, that imperative carries us through the coldest, harshest times.

I'm following the lead of my daffodil buddies and hollering, "Ta-Da . .. I made it!"


Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Awesome! :-) And such an Awesome Attitude too! :-D Yay, you!!! :-)

Glad to read that all the plants made it! :-) Isn't it amazing, their resilience??? :-)

I was fearing we'd have the 'still melting in June' thing going on, but it didn't end up that way. Tell you what - I love the look of snow, but this was getting Quite Ridiculous by the end of it all! :-D

I'm still keeping my plants inside, as I'm not sure when it's going to actually stay thawed. It might be now, but it still seems very cold at night. Guess I gotta actually go to NOAA and look at the weather! :-P

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)

aquamaureen said...

Good to hear from you,Bird ... my daffodils are just about to burst, but it's raining right now and tomorrow, they're predicting snow . .. oh, pooh . . .I might have to go out tomorrow and pick a bouquet of buds before they are encased in ice!!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Wow! My housemate said it's supposed to get down to freezing again tonight. Maybe some of the same weather?

Stay warm! :-)

lisianblue said...

Ta Da - Yay!
Awesome blog - and I just had to come over and say what a wonderful idea of the bags for the kids!
Aren't daffodils wonderful! My mom used to grow them on the semi shady side of the house - I just loved that big patch of those bright flowers.
Have a wonderful warm day!