Friday, April 17, 2009

Hello world

Good morning, world! When I sat down at my laptop just now, I thought I was just checking a few sites . . . had no overt intention to post anything new here . . . nothing specifically gnawing at me, nothing pressing to be thought about. Now that's not to say if you checked my journals, that you wouldn't find me still in the midst of tremendous transition and growth, accompanied by messy and noisy growing pains.

It's just that right now, this morning, this hour, this minute, is an oasis of calm. True, several tasks lie ahead the next few days, filling many of the hours. A handful of "big" things still need my thought and ultimate decision. A couple problems persist, needing fairly immediate resolutions. The landscape of my personal relationships still rumbles and roils around me, a raw and uncharted wilderness.

And yet.

Right here, right now, under my skin lies contentment. A soft smile curves my lips. Rain that fell here in the foothills last night lies now on Crow Peak as yet another layer of fresh snow. Mist that shrouded the hills surrounding town now dances solo across the western horizon. I've just stepped outside to check on my flowers. They are not letting the current coolness halt their growth. They have not surrendered to this winter's record-breaking harshness. They are insisting that the process of bud and bloom must survive even the most inhospitable environment.

I join my gentle teachers in their dance of persistent joy.


A.Marie said...

I am new to the blogging world, and I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident. But, now I am hooked. I really like reading your posts, and the pictures that you post are really neat. I wish I knew how to do that! Have a great day! :)

aquamaureen said...

Hello, A.Marie . .. thank you for your sweet comments. It's really nice to hear that somebody "out there" enjoys what one has shared. Were you saying that you'd like to be able to include pictures in your own blog? If so, just look at the images across the top of your blog when you are composing it. There is an icon for "add images" and it will sort of lead you through the process. YOu "attach" a pic like you add an attachment to an email. It's really fun to use images, especially your own photos.

Thanks again for your kind comments.

A.Marie said...

Thanks for the info on pictures; I was able to add some pictures on my own blog by using your instructions! THANK YOU!

aquamaureen said...

A.Marie--that tickles me when I know a teeny weeny bit about something, like the blog pictures, and am still able to share that weensy bit with someone else. Doesn't it feel good to help each other down an unfamiliar road?

Lauren said...

Hi Maureen...
For months now I've held your "old" posts in my feed folder with the intention of going and reading some of your posts from before I became a loyal follower.

I read this one and it made me smile. I know very well that feeling of "calm" that comes in the morning hours. No pressure, no sound, not sleepy but totally at rest...and peace. Summer seems to provide few of those days because I feel like the humidity snuffs the air from my lungs and makes me very antsy.

Oh how I'm looking forward to autumn and the crisp mornings and clear air.

Anyhow, I wanted to comment here, not to talk about me -- but to bring you back to this peaceful morning. I seldom go back and read my own posts...but after reading some of your older ones, I'm thinking I should. It's therapeutic to see where you've been...and how you've grown.

have a wonderful sunday.

Anonymous said...
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