Friday, April 3, 2009

late at night

I just composed a fairly lengthy entry . . . and for the first time since I started blogging in January, it would not post and was lost. Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, I had questioned from the beginning whether or not I should publish that post. I guess that decision was taken out of my hands.

I'm not gonna try to re-create the entry. Instead, I'll trust that the sadness in it was NOT meant to be given any more air time.

I'll do what I had decided to do at the end of the post, and follow the example of my daughter and rouse myself from whatever I'm currently mired in via involvement in something artistic: before heading to bed, I'm gonna slosh some swipes of watercolor over the next open pages in my journal. Then, tomorrow morning, when I get ready to write, beautiful color will underlay whatever I say.



sharon said...

Good choice...did you write today in your color-sloshed journal? Any time you need to laugh, just scroll through the pics of your varied expressions as you inched your way into 61 degree water--they are priceless!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Yeah, it does seem to happen that way, doesn't it? :-P For myself, I've noticed that when Teh Internetz eat something, it usually is indeed for a reason, whether it could/should be better said - or perhaps it doesn't need to be said at all. :-) As frustrating as it can be sometimes, either way, it usually turns out to be for the best. :-D

Yay, you for hearing the message that the World was giving you. And even more yay for taking positive steps! :-)

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)
-Bird, from TST

aquamaureen said...

Sharon--thanks for the reminder to laugh . . .even though slipping into your pool a few days ago, seems a far distant memory, as I look out my front window at snow still piled on the deck up to the windowsill. 61 degree water now sounds like a lovely hot tub . . .

Bird--thank you so much for your affirmations and cheering. I'm not minding the low times as much, if they give me a springboard for snapping out of the funk and doing something--anything--beautiful.