Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yes, odd as it may seem, except to those of you who really know me :), I'm considering this lovely bloom as a pretty accurate picture of yours truly.

This is one of a cluster of geraniums I had growing outside last summer, and which I pulled in before a frost killed them. They have wintered beautifully indoors, right next to my "sit and think and read and write" chair.
As they inevitably grew toward the sunlight in the picture window, they would lean over my shoulder and drop luscious petals of hot pink and lipstick red, some on my lap and many more on the beige carpet below.
Nope, I didn't vacuum these petals. Too pretty. Too much of a gift of bright and brillliant beauty during a loooooooong winter.

I pinched off the tops of the several plants, thinking to "manage" their growth--hoping for thick versus leggy, concerned that leggy might snap off . . .but my sweet plants had their own ideas. They continued to strain toward the sun and shot out new splindly sprouts.
I surrendered my efforts to tell them how best to grow and just took a little easel and upended it in their soil and provided a couple loops of cotton twine to loosely secure the tallest stems. They seem safe enough now.

At last count, 9 clusters of buds are in various stages of bloom. I've never had so many at one time.
I've also never felt so much bud and blossom in my own life.
Yes, the winter of my journey has seemed very long and drear, but all during it, I also insisted on blooming. The light has also irresistibly drawn me toward it. During times when I just wanted to give up, God was there to reassure me: "Even if you let go, dear one, I'm still holding on to you." And dear friends and family have also reached out to express very specific love and tender encouragement. For that, I give my deepest thanks.


Rowena said...

I really understand that metaphor and am so glad your booming happens no matter what.

I am working on that myself.

I think life helps us to keep blooming, if we allow ourselves.

aquamaureen said...

Ah, Rowena, I think that is a key: "if we allow ourselves." Growth is natural, but sometimes we fight it . . I wonder why?

And I'm pretty sure it was just a typo, but I like that my "booming" happens no matter what!!! Look out world, I'm about to boom!!!!

Thanks for your visit, Rowena. I'm hoping you are finding your own sense of peace.

sharon said...

Thank you for sharing a glimpse of yourself to assist others, Maureen. I join you as we keep on "straining toward the Son."

aquamaureen said...

Good to hear from you, Sharon . . .and yes, thank goodness we CAN "strain towards the Son. . " Amen, Sister!! (tee-hee)

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Beautifully put. I love your crazy geranium! Anybody else would have thrown it away long ago--and here it is, gorgeous and blossoming more than you ever imagined. :)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the beautiful compliment. I'm truly honored!

Please feel free to copy my commandments or to do list if you please. :)

I hope to see you more often!!

Lauren said...

Oh my -- you are a breath of the freshest air! What a wonderful post - and I adore your reason for not vacuuming up the petals. To have geraniums blooming indoors is such a treat!

THANK YOU so much for coming to visit my blog. You have no idea how honored I am that you would swing by and say such kind words. I will be following your blog and look forward to future posts!

Have a great day!