Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Deep Breath

Oh me. Oh my.

Almost 10:30 pm. Bedtime.

Don't know whether this is a bad time to write, 'cause I'm tired and might not guard my words. Or a good time, 'cause I'm tired, and might not guard my words.

Let's see. I cried mid-morning, cried early evening, cried mid-evening, could easily cry now.

And in between the tears, I sang, prayed, worked on writing, prayed, sang some more, went for a walk, painted a rock, and prayed still some more.

Sometimes I can hardly bear to think of all the sadness I've known. Sometimes I can hardly find words for all the joy I've known.

I believe in the joy.

The joy believes in me.

I'll keep keeping on.

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