Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playing like a Child

I've been having the best time, re-learning to play. ThursdaySweetTreat, which you can link to from a button on my blog's home page, is a wonderful opportunity for writers and artists to play and explore and create new beauty. Many of the artists there produce items they then sell. Others of us are just creating for the sheer love of it.

I had no idea how very much I censored myself, until I started responding to these weekly prompts 4 or 5 weeks ago. I'd have an idea, have it not work out, fuss a bit and then just say "Phooey" on the original idea and begin putzing around with whatever "mistake" was before me. Soon I stopped fussing, stopped labeling anything a "mistake." Those negative assessments were very quickly replaced with "hmm, that's interesting . . . I wonder what would happen if I . . ."

Not surprisingly, a lot more giggles started escaping. A few loud whoops were heard. Many smiles silently bore witness to the birth of beauty and spontaneity and joyful expression.

Anybody out there want to give it a try? Just click on the button to the side of my blog . . .


Natasha said...

By the time I reached the last line of your blog post I was wearing a full-fledged smile and felt like twirling....your beautiful, heartfelt joy is so contagious. Thank you for sharing it here and on the Sweet Treat. Over the last few weeks, I have watched you grow and grow as an artist...your artwork, the colors and the words, has grown bolder, makes a positive mark on the world, it causes others to think, to see things in a different moves and stirs the soul...that's what art should do...the art that comes from within...that place where we are always dreaming, playing, inventing, creating....don't stop Maureen...let it continue to's all moving toward something larger and even more inspiring and I simply consider myself lucky to come along for this amazing ride. xo

aquamaureen said...

thank you, sweet Natasha, for your words. I think we all can serve as each other's "birth" coaches . . . cheering each other on . .