Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brave New Thing

A few weeks ago, my daughter introduced me to a blog devoted to giving artists and writers a place to explore creativity, not necessarily for profit, but for the sheer fun of it. When this week's prompt was offered, "Where the wild things bloom," something sprang to life inside me immediately. The finished product was not exactly as I'd first imagined, but even better, because the end result came about as a result of unrestrained play.
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Sarah said...

I love it!! I LOVE all of the color!

Thank you SO much for your kind encouraging words on my blogs. I REALLY appreciate it. I LOVE the Message's version of that verse! God is so awesome!

aquamaureen said...

So good to hear from you, Sarah. I lived in San Diego back in early 80's. (downtown San Diego on A Street, La Mesa, and El Cajon). Really really loved the weather.

God IS awesome, beyond words. I think that is why I am loving color so much--it lets me let go of that "wild lament" and be "decked with wildflowers" instead.