Monday, October 4, 2010

Come Walk with Me

In my little neck of the woods, we are being blessed with a glorious fall. My sweet daughter Amanda and I have gone out several days this past week and just reveled in the softly warm temps, the angled light, and oh, the brilliant washes of color.
We walked down a road near her house, stopped on a street bisecting town, tramped along Mt. Roosevelt Trail near Deadwood, hiked in Spearfish Canyon, and wound our way past Iron Creek Lake, in the shadow of Crow Peak. Never were we more than 30 miles from my front door. All the beauty I'm about to share with you (and these 3 dozen snapshots came from 3 hundred I took) is that near, just waiting to be seen and appreciated.
I'm not gonna add any more details. In one photo, my house is in the distance, but it's no bigger in the photo than an ant's leg, so why point it out? And the only human in any of the shots is my sweet companion in adventure, Amanda, and you'll know who she is, precisely because I have just told you she is the only human you will see :)
So, come walk with me, and open your heart to incredible beauty.

Wow. Wasn't that something?? Doesn't God do GREAT work????
I'd love to see any photos any of you have of the beauty where YOU live . . .
Have a blessed day.


Elizabeth said...

GORGEOUS!!!! Isn't fall glorious! What a beautiful day

Sharon said...

beautiful pics--especially the multi colored tree and the curved road lined with aspens!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

How fun to see our adventuring through your eyes, after browsing my own pictures! You captured some really stunning moments here...I love your eye for detail, shape, and pattern.

Thank you so much for being my joyful companion this fall--it has meant the world to me. I'll return to these pictures and memories of our wandering, all through the winter.

aquamaureen said...

Amanda, Sharon, and Liz--I love that I could share this beauty with you!

Steven Nichols said...

beautiful pics--especially the multi colored tree and the curved road lined with aspens!