Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oops . . .

I made a boo-boo in my last post. I musta been so caught up in the joy of finally posting after a long four months away . . . or maybe I was carried away by delight in painting something new and fresh.

Anyhoo, what I forgot to do was to share that the artwork shown in Saturday's blogpost was inspired by one of my favorite artists, who just happens to also be my daughter. To see more of her vibrantly beautiful art, and to hear her honest/tender/wise insights on her thrice-weekly blogposts, visit her at

A few days earlier, I had just returned home from several days out of town, and my sweet daughter had surprised me with a "welcome home" painting--a brand new kind of image she was trying. It so intrigued me that I wanted to play around with the same colors and techniques and materials. I had great fun, but ended up "copying" her work. That's not bad, in and of itself--that's actually one of the ways I learn best--but I neglected to cite her as my muse, my inspiration. And in my eagerness, I shared MY art on MY blog, before Amanda even had an opportunity to share HER work on HER blog. Oh dear. NOT good.

I humbly apologize. And I publicly give thanks to Amanda for the myriad ways she inspires me, not only in my art, but in life itself.