Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hello, again

Hello out there, to whomever might be dropping in to visit me. November has turned out to be sort of an odd month for blog postings. Had some emotional ups and downs regarding family stuff. Prayed my way through and feel pretty peaceful.

[here's one of my geraniums, brought inside a couple of winters ago and blessing me with neon-pink blossoms all year round.]

I'm glad to feel peaceful--however, the aforesaid mentioned ups/downs played havoc with some of my plans, like more frequent postings here. And my personal Writing Challenge . . . oh dear . . . I am now officially 14 days behind in the daily writing. But hey, hope springs eternal, at least here in my home. I fully intend to catch up before year's end.

[I trimmed a plant and stuck the cuttings in a pitcher. Doesn't the sun make them beautiful?]

And yay for me, it's Day 29 of the Poem-a-Day challenge, and I am current through today. Writing a poem every day, to someone else's prompt, and then posting that rough draft for all the world to see: that is QUITE a brave feat, as any writer will acknowledge. So far, I have noticed a definite change in my whole relationship with writing poetry. It seems much more like breathing. I can summon the muse and not wait, endlessly, for her to visit. And I can be less attached to each poem, more ready to slice and dice if need be. December will see several of us working together to edit our work. I'm really eager for that.

Here's my poetry wall--each day's offering gets posted here as well as on the official blogsite.

Another great accomplishment was getting my roof replaced. It was a task with emotional entanglements, my having received my house in the divorce over two years ago, along with its needed repairs. It feels very good, on many levels, to be going into winter with a new roof over my head. Lots of new beginnings.
My love and thanks to all who visit my blog and read what I have to say. A special thanks to those who leave comments. It means more than I can express.


Sharon said...

A great big YAHOO on writing 29 poems in 29 unimaginable feat to me---poetry is NOT my forte--unless it is takeoffs on Roses are red...or my annual Christmas songs to my children--well, annual up until last year anyway.

Your poetry wall is inspirational. Where in your home is it located? Have you thought about inscribing the poems on some of Amanda's marbled paper?

I love you, sister poetess.

aquamaureen said...

Thanks for your overflowing support. The poetry wall is on the right side of the coat closet. And actually, I plan to inscribe my poems on some of MY paper . . .watercolored in some way. Roses are red, sisters are neat, I think you are sweet, despite smelly feet. (count on a sister to give you lovesweetlove!!--consider this payback--weren't you the one who named me Stinky in camp???)