Monday, November 9, 2009

Keep on Keeping On

Sunshine and warm outside. I'm grateful for that. I experienced a glitch in my routine of creative output. Got four days behind in my Poem-a-Day challenge but just caught up. Still have four days of my writing challenge to catch up on. Here's a little picture I painted recently, a sign of my hope.

The days right now seem to be a mix: a little sick, a little sad, some lovely artistic moments, some deeply sweet connections with family and friends. I continue to pray to seek a continuity of happiness within my relationship with God . . .with Whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning, to paraphrase a favorite Bible reference to God's dependability.

In the midst of times of supremely fulfilling creativity, I still labor to get my Stuff in order. Here's one image of my oh-so-orderly business workspace. Now doesn't that just inspire confidence? One glance at that and you'd readily trust me to manage your finances and affairs, right?

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I know.

I understand that life is a work in progress, but I am still holding onto the hope that I can find a smidge more serenity in how I manage the Details of my life. If any of you have found solutions, I'd sure love to hear.

I send my love and appreciation to all who read what I have to say, and I thank those of you, boundlessly, who take the time and effort to leave comments.


Sharon said...

Yea-a-a-a on the yellow picture. Yellow is a color of hope for me! The circular part made me think of a rolled poster that just won't stay rolled---keeps trying to get out of the roll. Of course the other side shows steps---always leading UP!

Now...for the other picture...hmmm...methinks you need my help again! Remember the summer I visited and we were able to declutter so many areas? That was a real feeling of accomplishment.

My suggestion is to put on "blinders." Choose 1 shelf or a portion of a shelf and go thru each item...throw away or put in a tote. Label each tote. Then move to the next area of shelf and throw away or add to the totes or begin a new tote if you find a new category. At the end, you will have detrashed all the shelves and you will have several labeled totes. Not very pretty but handy when you need to be able to put your hand on something right away. Eventually you can file and do other "fancy" things, but right now it appears to be too overwhelming to try the filing route. I would go with the easy to move around totes. Hope that helps.

I love you oodles and loved visiting last night. I admire your devotion and faithfulness to Marge!

Sharon said...

WOO HOO!!!! I just opened a package and found 2 pieces of original art!!! My darling sister just sent me the fabulous picture that is in this post!! My all time favorite colors!!!!!! Plus she sent me a note written on my sweet niece's gorgeous handmade cards! What a treat! Thank you...thank you...thank you!

Lauren said...

Hello there Maureen! How are you?

It seems that life has been a whirlwind for many of us this holiday season. So much to do, and not enough hours in the day.

I figured I would pop my head in and say hello...and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year...Peace, Love, and all of the good stuff that goes with it.

I love your sunshine-y yellow painting and am so glad you're still making time for your creative juices to flow. One look at the photo #2 on this post and it screams of a creative mind that just rolls with the flow of every day. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing...but I absolutely do understand the feeling of needing to get things in control.

I wish I could offer help...but honestly, I think you and I are quite alike in that sense. Things just build up...and then we go through a period of purging.

I would say embrace the know what you need to keep. Live simply. Breathe easy. Know you have friends who are thinking of you...and enjoy the comfort of knowing you are indeed loved!

merry christmas.
Lauren. :)

Anonymous said...

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