Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hello there

A warm welcome to you . . . perhaps you have stumbled across my blog. Or maybe you followed a link here from Sprout or The Phoenix Soul. I'm sorry I haven't been posting regularly in a while. But especially in my writings for The Phoenix Soul, I want to keep the link to this site active, because my blog is not dead. It's dormant.

And within that dormancy, insistent growth is occurring. I have no clue when aboveground growth might appear. But it. is. coming.

Several years ago, I inadvertently killed one of my beloved plants. I pruned it all away, thinking I would re-use the pot for another plant. But in the clearing away of frozen and dead leaves, I uncovered the brave sproutlet you see here. And oh, it spoke to me. Don't give up. And I didn't. Not on the plant. Not on me.

I just popped upstairs and took a picture of the plant as it is now. It won't even fit into one camera screen.

It strains toward the light.

As do I. As do I.

For now, until I start posting again, I invite you to visit my past posts. Although the specific issues mentioned might be "out of date," hopefully the honesty and commitment to raw and real hope is timeless.

Thank you for stopping by. And if you'd like to leave a howdy-do, I'd love to hear from you.


Lauren said...

Was just thinking back to my blogging days -- thinking about all of the people who inspired and supported me during that time. I hope you are well! Lauren

Sharon said...

So good to read this, Maureen. I found it because you had the link with your signature. I love the growing that I see in you...and your bravery.