Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Had to find some shine inside me today. Not easy to wake to One More Gray Cold Day, when it's June. Yes, I'm grateful to be alive, to be breathing, of course. To have a sturdy roof over my head and foot to eat. I don't dismiss that, when so many people struggle with basic elements of life. But gratitude for that was not enough today to lift my heart. I made sure my prayers for myself also reached out to others and their needs. But still . . . I brewed fragrant herbal tea. Lit a mandarin orange candle.

Then, reaching out to my sweet FatherMotherGod, I was led to the simplest thing, a practice that has become more and more part of my praying, my rejoicing, my wondering: art journaling.

Nothing earthshaking. Just the simplest turning toward color, toward YES!, with thoughts and images that express what lies beyond my words sometimes, beneath the yearning.

May you find your own Grace-led ways today to sink deep into steady sturdy joy.

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Beth Morey said...

"FatherMotherGod" -- I love this so, so much!